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we have measured out our lives with coffee spoons.

we believe reading is fun and transformative.

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we specialize in q&a and study materials for literature and the humanities. over the past decades, we've assembled a strong community of phenomenal educators who provide accurate, high-quality information for any book or any question. we have integrated the latest in ai technology to help students achieve their educational goals, and thrive in an ever-changing academic environment.

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reading is crucial to an ethical, thoughtful, and just society, and we want to do our part to empower students and teachers to change the world for the better. we believe this means sharing our knowledge and trusted resources to make education more accessible. whether studying world history or literary themes, our readers will gain a deeper understanding of important books, plays, poems, and historical documents.

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all of the educational materials published on enotes come from vetted academic experts, including real teachers and professors, academic publishers, and our own editorial staff. each piece of writing submitted to our site goes through a rigorous editing process led by our in-house editorial team: our editors personally evaluate every submission for originality and accuracy before performing a thorough copy edit. it’s a big job, but it’s important to us that all the content we publish is helpful, accurate, and error-free.


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