chapter 4 summary

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obie, in a locker room, dwells on a set of interlinked anxieties. he worries about the complexity of his close relationships, the burgeoning factionalism within the activist community, and the increasing tension of his relationship with velma. she has become jumpy and nervous, suddenly seeing unnamed threats in closets and dark corners. the two of them also continue to disagree about the balance between domestic responsibility and activism. obie thinks that velma should be more focused on motherhood to their son, especially since he had to wait so long to have a child—his prior partners were all resistant to motherhood, either biologically or emotionally.

thinking about his brother roland, now in prison for a violent rape, obie feels even further conflicted. roland wants help getting released from incarceration, but obie also knows he is guilty of the crime: a brutal attack on a random woman on whom roland exhausted all his residual anger.

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